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Player Information
Name: Susan/Tanks
Age: 32
Time Zone: Eastern
Other Contact Info: [ profile] Tanks4thememory
Prefered method of contact: Plurk or PMs on this account work fine
Current Characters at The Fleet: NA
Reserve: NA

Character Information
Full Name: Her Royal Highness, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan
Nicknames: Leia, Princess, Your Highness
Canon: Star Wars
Sex/Gender: Female
Age: 5
PB: Bailee Madison
Journal: [personal profile] princess_weia 
4th Walling: No fourth walling for her, please. The timeline shenanigans will be enough brainbreak for the bitty.
Canon Point: Approximately five years after "Revenge of the Sith" and 14 years before the Battle of Yavin in "A New Hope"
Physical description: Leia is a five year old, caucasian human girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Given the choice, she wears her hair in simple braids, not having enough of it yet for her famous 'cinnamon buns' look, but is used to having it done up more elaborately for special occasions. She's also slightly small for her age. 

Canon Information
History: Leia was born on Polis Massa, two days after the end of the Clone Wars. Her birth mother, Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo, died in labor shortly after naming Leia and her twin brother Luke. With their father, the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker- later called Darth Vader- believed dead on Mustafar, this effectively orphaned the newborns, who Obi-Wan realized were Force Sensitive. Since he and his wife, Breha, had long talked of adopting a baby girl, Leia was taken in by Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan to be raised as his daughter, while Obi-Wan personally took charge of Luke, taking him to live with Anakin's stepbrother, Owen Lars, and his wife Beru on Tatooine.

Though it was common knowledge on Alderaan that Leia was adopted, only her adoptive father knew of her true parentage; everyone else just assumed that she was one of the many children left orphaned by the war. Leia retained lasting impressions of her birth mother through the Force that her brother did not, however, remembering her as "very beautiful" and "kind but sad".

In many ways Leia's early life on Alderaan could be considered idyllic. Alderaan was a beautiful, peaceful, prosperous planet, and her loving adoptive family could afford the best of everything for her. But it was also frequently lonely, given that there were few other children her age in the palace, and her parents, while attentive and loving, both had important and demanding jobs. As much of her typical day was spent in the company of tutors, nannies, droids, or other members of the Organa household as it was in the company of her adoptive parents.

She supplemented this by collecting pets, even adopting an orphaned wolf-cat cub and naming him Waffles. Likely it was only unconscious use of her Force abilities that saved her from being injured by some of the animals she 'adopted', though Waffles was the only pet who found a permanent home in the palace, due to him having imprinted on the young princess as a surrogate mother by the time he was discovered.

Knowing their daughter was Force-Sensitive, and how dangerous that was, Bail and Breha quietly instructed Leia to suppress any Force-ful reflexes or abilities to avoid drawing dangerous attention. Bail especially urged Leia to suppress her Force-bond with Luke, once he realized the true nature of his daughter's 'imaginary friend'. (She succeeded perhaps too well in this; suppressing the bond also stifled the growth of her other talents in the Force, causing them to fade and eventually grow dormant for lack of use. By the time she was ten, she'd forgotten or explained away to herself all of her remaining inherent Force-talent. The bond would later be reforged when the twins reunited, but it would never be as strong as it once was.) 

Leia is five years old at the time when she'll be brought to the Fleet.

Personality: On the surface, Leia seems like a sweet, innocent little girl. This is at least partly true; she's generally friendly and kind unless given reason not to be, and does have a good heart. But she's also a princess, and though she dislikes the title, she does have a whole lot of royal attitude. She has a very strong personality and usually isn't shy with her opinions, even when she probably should be, which could easily get her into trouble.

It would be easy to dismiss her as something of a royal brat, knowing that, but her attitude stems from genuine caring for others and the stubborn determination that will eventually lead her to be a Rebel leader and Resistance General. She cares deeply about people being treated fairly, and feels it necessary to speak up when she perceives that they aren't. This can be something as simple as receiving an unearned extra dessert at dinner, or something as complex as someone being forced to live under what she perceives as a restrictive set of rules or laws.

She's also a bit of a tomboy. She finds typical 'princess things' like dancing and etiquette to be boring, and would rather be running, playing, and climbing the trees in the palace gardens than sitting through tedious lessons, fancy dinners, and royal functions. The latter two she finds especially dull and pointless, often feeling like her only purpose there is to be an ornament; she has to dress up in uncomfortable, overly fancy clothes only to have to sit or stand there being generally ignored by the important adults around her after cursory greetings.

She's still a little girl though, and the transition from her life on Alderaan to the Fleet will be especially difficult because of that. Though independently minded, she'll both need and want someone to take care of her as a surrogate parent or guardian. Not to mention the rude timeline related shocks she's likely to get and give. It'll be a lot for any five year old to handle, even one as strong willed as Leia.

Strengths Though untrained, Leia is Force-Sensitive; with proper training, she could eventually become quite powerful. Unlike her father, Anakin, her talents seem to lie more in the realm of living creatures- animals and eventually people- than machines. She's also smart for her age, both in terms of academics and in terms of having quick wits, and has all the fierce determination and force of personality that will eventually make her a Rebel leader and Resistance General.

Weaknesses Leia is a five year old human girl with all the physical limitations that implies. Though as stated above, she's intelligent and quick witted, she still has all the naivete of a child and little experience with real evil or malicious individuals. Also her attitude has the potential to get her into trouble if used on the wrong people.

CRAU Information
(Skip if this section does not apply to your character.)

History: (History of events at previous game. Please give the notable memories your character is bringing with them. Be descriptive. At least three to five paragraphs.)

Personality: (How did the events of the previous game affect your character - what has changed/develop in them since being in that place. Be descriptive.)

Strengths (If your character has developed new personality/mental strengths in their previous location, explain that here.)

Weaknesses (If your character has developed new personality/mental weaknesses in their previous location, explain that here.)

Gara Information
Images: Princess Leia's chalcedony waves necklace and bracelet. Leia's Garas

Number of gara: Currently only a proto-gara, as she's a child, but three when/if she's ever aged up.
Primary Type and Color(s)/Color Patterns: Lea. Deep purple an gem-like, fading to a slightly softer shade of purple in the center. 
Secondary Type and Color(s)/Color Patterns: Vii. Solid orange-red, gem-like.
Tertiary Type and Color(s)/Color Patterns: Owm. Sapphire blue with aquamarine flecks, gem-like.

Shapes/Configuration: Primary: In the shape of one of the segments of the above-pictured necklace, set centrally. 
Secondary: Faceted teardrop, set just to the right of her primary.
Tertiary: Faceted teardrop, set just to the left of her primary. 

Other Information
Special Abilities: This bitty is a potential Force-using prodigy, just like her brother. If properly trained, she could become quite powerful, though probably not quite to the level of her father, Anakin. Her talents outside of standard Forcey things like telekinesis would likely focus mostly on living creatures- animals and later people.

Notable/Unique Needs: She's a five year old child and will require someone to take care of her as a surrogate parent/guardian. Thankfully there are a few likely candidates, and possibly more on the way.  

Anything else? Beware of excessive cuteness.

Writing Samples
First Person: Conversing with an AU version of her future son (Thread actually starts a little further back, but this is the first tag to meet the word count.)

Third Person: Space Borrowers at the Alderaan Royal Palace


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